Thought-Provoking Questions on Your Spirituality

Sometimes, a huge part of teaching or learning is asking ourselves the right questions.  In that case, I’m here for you.  :-)

Spend some time this week:

  • journaling your answers in a journal you keep bedside
  • jotting in Evernote
  • writing on post-its to remember your anthems
  • writing in the “notes” segment of your desk or wall calendar
  • or recording in your desk notebook

answers to these questions…

  1. What do I believe spiritually?
  2. Why do I believe it?
  3. Am I so dogmatic in what I believe that I can’t be open to considering anything else?
  4. Who taught me to be that way?
  5. Why is my spirituality important or an otherwise nonchalant part of my life?  (Ask which it is, then answer).
  6. How does my spirituality come into play on a daily basis?
  7. Does my soul thank me for the things I put it through?  Am I nurturing it or abusing it?

And I’d love it if you’d answer one of these in the comments.

Thank you for reading,

  1. September 11, 2012


    It is interesting that I would receive these questions from your newsletter today. I’ve actually had various conversations today surrounding spiritualtiy. I think, at least in my own life, that I often forget to really sit back and focus on how my spirituality impacts me. When I do take the time, I realize that my personal beliefs, values, and spirituality completely color the way I see myself and others. What a great post and thought provoking questions. I will definitely spend time considering my thoughts on these. Thanks for making me think!

  2. September 16, 2012


    Some years ago; I decided to tackle these questions head on. Initially, it was overwhelming; however; what amazing resolve comes after one has tackled this question and made a decision to research their history of why they believe a certain way, who taught them and then do their OWN research as to what they personally find to be their truth! I changed belief in MANY if not most of the areas regarding spirituality from my raisings; however kept many core values. It brings peace in one’s spiritual life to know that you know that you know what you believe is the heart of you. Thanks for writing!

    • September 16, 2012


      LOVE this! :-) So true & thank you for reading!

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