This place is about being comfortable in your own skin and embracing a more wholesome way of being. Through compassionate and healthy assertiveness, clear communication, nuanced style and creative self-expression, you can embrace the luxurious depths of your inner world and the expressions to your outer world. This is paradox at its best. Are you ready for that?

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Where nuanced style, expression, communication & assertiveness come together.

Clear Communication

What would you say if you just knew how?

Compassionate Assertiveness

Speaking up for what matters can be honorable.

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Knowing who you are, how you work, and how you exist in relationships empowers you and the people you care about. Accept that without a core understanding of exactly what you bring to the table, you will probably always feel something’s missing.

Meaningful Work

Whether a brain worker or hand worker, fulfillment is possible.

Nuanced Style

"Our human drive makes us behave according to our self-image...She was no longer hiding out or acting like someone told her to act. Her whole demeanor changed simply because she was focused on new standards of being." --from Brendan Burchard's "The Charge"

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